Thursday, February 12, 2009

The elevator pitch and Geert Wilders

I learned at some bussiness course in the US last year of the elevator pitch. It's the two minutes you have together in an elevator to convince an investor that your idea is worth investing in. It has to be succinct, easy to understand, greed inducing and irrefutable.

The same day with some fellow Dutch students I was in an elevator when one American student gave us the allmost perfect example. His short intervention met at least three of the above criteria.

He asked: you guys are dutch right? You know Wilders (noticed how wild that sounds in English).We nodded yes and there came his "value proposition": "He is an asshole". This funny episode in the elevator came to my mind when I followed the knews of Wilders flying back and forth between Amsterdam and the UK this afternoon because the Brittish government wouldn't let him in. I am affraid he needed a good elevator pitch in the UK too.

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