Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dr. Paul Kagame

On the day we learn that Spain has issued international arrest warrants for 40 senior Rwandan officers accused of mass killings inside Rwanda and the Congo,

I want to congratulate this
“leader of a new generation of African presidents, who is dedicated to poverty reduction, human development, education and women´s empowerment”
with the honors doctors degree of laws awarded to him by Florida State University today. As Professor Jim Pitts said today
“We appreciate President Kagame’s commitment to peaceful reconciliation, education and economic development of Rwanda, he deserves recognition for bringing people back together”

Last year Dr. Paul Kagame was invited to MIT to give the Compton Lecture, now at Florida State University he receives a honorary degree. I hope all of you will now refer to Paul Kagame no longer as `General` or ´President´, but as ´Dr.´. It is really inspiring to learn how Paul Kagame rebuilt his tiny country after the terrible tragedy that occured in 1994, it´s something you can relate to as a purpose driven American. I hope other President´s in Africa will see the light and follow the standard he has been setting. When you travel to Kigali you see all around you the achievements of this great leader, but when you visit the genocide memorial you understand the deep tragedy that is part of Rwanda´s history. Paul Kagame, hope for Africa, we wish you all the best with this new honorary degree, too bad the University of Glascow beat us at that by a year, and God bless.

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