Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dr. Leopold Munyakazi's arrest a disgrace

Today Leopold Munyakazi was arrested by the US immigration services because he supposedly had overstayed his visa. But it is clear this arrest is directly related to the slanderous accusations leveled by the murderous regime of Paul Kagame. A regime that has had the full support of subsequent US administrations while executing mass murder inside the Congo.

I therefore wrote this email to the President of Goucher College:

"Dear President of Goucher College, teachers, students and other personel. I would like to stress the fact that the Rwandan government has a habit of accusing anyone who is against her of genocide. One of the easiest examples for you to understand is the accusation (issued by the Rwandan ambassador in the US) against Robert Krueger, the former senator of Texas, of sending arms to the FDLR.

In other words I am very disappointed by the fact that you, President of Goucher college, removed Leopold Munyakazi as French teacher from his position because of accusations leveled by the regime in Kigali. A regime that has won it's last election with more then 95 percent of the vote.

In Spain 40 of Kagame's RPF army senior officers have been accused of crimes against humanity and acts of genocide committed inside Rwanda and the Congo. These substantiated claims are being taken very seriously by the Spanish justice system.

The regime in Kigali does not have any legitimacy whatsoever. The regime rather has been busy killing civilians inside the Congo over the last decade and still uses the FDLR as pretext to invade a sovereign country today. Former MONUC commander Patrick Cammaert has made it clear that the FDLR poses no threat to Rwanda whatsoever. So all that is left is the fact that Kagame and his revolutionary army uses the FDLR as a pretext to continue their police state and to refuse the Rwandan people their rights as citizens.

Leopold Munyakazi wrote me back:

"Thank you very much for your accurate comment. You're among the rare Americans who have a genuine understanding of the situation in Rwanda. Most people are victims of disinformation, manipulation and big lies. i'm myself disapppointed by the fact that an Academic Institution has taken a serious decision on the basis of groundless allegations.I keep hoping that the truth will finally come out."

When will those influential American politicians be held accountable for covering up the truth about what has been going on in the Congo over the last decade?

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Tade' Ade'Turton said...

I am a recent graduate of Goucher College and it is sad to see that politics has had such a negative effect on a man whose job is to educate the American populous. Dr. Munyakazi's is correct, the American public is regularly mislead and feed incorrect information. I.E - the George Bush War in Iraq or "News Media" Outlets like Fox News. I hope that Dr. Munyakazi is released and allowed to continue to educate young mind's, though I am skeptical of our ability as a nation to discern the truth from misleading propaganda.