Thursday, February 26, 2009

Citizenship of the EU and Sietse Fritsma

Recently Sietse Fritsma, member of Geert Wilders party PVV, said this in a debate about the so-called "belgium route": It is terrible that Maroccans that come into the EU through other memberstates don't even have to "integrate", the minister of immigration Albayrak should intervene."

Sietse Fritsma has worked for the IND and should know that he is totally out of line with the jurisprudence of the European court in Luxembourg. In other words he and his fellow buddies in dutch parliament should read the documents that are available on the website of the European court.

The socalled "belgium route" is not some accident of EU law. It would be an infringement on the fundamental rights of every European citizen if a citizen of any member state upon returning to his homestate would not have exactedly the same rights in his home state as if he would have gone to any other state in the EU. In other words, the EU court in Luxembourg presupposes that a memberstate respects ECRM article 8. Anything less then that is out of line with the treaty.Spreading disinformation on the interpretation of the European treaty does not help anyone. This issue is not about Maroccans, but about the fundamental rights of every European citizen.

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