Monday, February 2, 2009

Accusing others of genocide

I am dismayed by the way Sanford Ungar removes a french teacher at Goucher's College, as you can read ere: Goucher College President Sanford Ungar sent an e-mail Saturday to students and faculty, telling them about concern over claims that Leopold Munyakazi "participated directly in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda." The US has supported the RPF leadership over the last 10 years while it has committed genocide inside the Congo. When will those US military that trained the RPF will be brought to justice? When college presidents like Sanford Ungar hide behind their ignorance, ignorance turns into guilt!

As you can read here, Munyakazi has been inprisoned in Rwanda for 5 years without trial:

"After his release in 1999, Munyakazi taught French at the Kigali Institute of Education until 2004, when he attended the 11th World Congress of Teachers of French in Atlanta and chose to remain in the U.S. out of fear that he would be arrested upon his return to Rwanda. A colleague at the conference, he said, warned him that he would have to answer for his presentation, which appeared to contradict the government. Worse, his wife informed him that he faced arrest upon his return home because he was on a list of 500 “divisionists” that had just been released by the Rwanda government."

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