Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rethinking immigration

Former RNC Chair Jim Nicholson recently spoke out on his party’s electoral gaps, urging Republicans to reach out to Latino voters.

Pat Buchanan is about to release a new book "Immigration and the 2008 Republican Defeat", in which he seems to be defending the exact opposite view.

At first glance the two positions seem to be mutual exclusive. And most parties, for lack of vision, treat the two positions as such. But I have been noticing a very strong relationship between the two. Both are concerned with debate, democratic development and representation. Courageous leadership would therefore be to embark on the risky road of informing, motivating and aligning immigrant voters. It would be a strong message to those who are scared of immigrants, that the party is not willing to compromize it's core business: democratic development. A fair debate on immigration within a political party can only start when representation of immigrants is ensured. It's time for courages leadership among party leaders, to fight the fear of immigrants, not just by formulating a position on immigration, but by actually using the party as a vehicle for debate between immigrants and non-immigrants. European political parties should listen to the words of Jim Nicholson:
“We have to better inform and motivate and align with the Hispanic voters,” Nicholson said in an interview with Politico. “That’s one of the key issues that the party and its leaders need to convene and, you know, have a very open, transparent discussion about developing a party position on."
In fact, I have not heard any of the party presidents of dutch political parties speak so clearly on the importance of informing, motivating and aligning with immigrant voters.

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