Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama and the Pastor: Inaugural Prayers or Inaugural Shoes?

By Ann Garrison

The controversy over Barack Obama's invitation to evangelical Pastor Rick Warren, to give the opening prayers at his inauguration, rages on.

I agree with those who've suggested that Barack Obama should swear in on the U.S. Constitution that he was elected to uphold, instead of the Bible. That's supposed to be his job now, upholding the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, which is supposed to protect freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. So why is Obama swearing in on the Bible? Well, Obama is a Christian, without doubt; we all became acutely aware of that amidst last year's uproar over Obama's longtime pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of the United Church of Christ:

In April, 2008, then presidential candidate Obama felt compelled to severe his ties with Reverend Wright after the U.S.A.'s big corporate media played Wright's magnificent "Goddamn America!!!" oration all over network TV.

At the time, most fans of both Reverend Wright and Barack Obama shrugged and accepted the political expediency of Obama's decision. However, more of us, far from all of us, but more of us, finally parted ways with Barack Obama over the 180-degree shift from Reverend Jeremiah Wright to LGBT intolerant, fundamentalist evangelical Reverend Rick Warren:

Obama claimed, in essence, to be building bridges between the diverse constituencies who voted to put him on top, even between those of us who absolutely detest one another, including Rick Warren, who believes that homosexuals, should not even exist, and that most of the rest of us will ultimately burn in a lake of fire, while he and his flock ascend to heaven to nestle, bare-ass naked, at the side of the Lord, on Judgment Day.

Obama said that he had not only invited a famous Civil Rights minister, Reverend Joseph Lowery, to pray at the end of his inauguration, but had even invited a gay marching band to perform, ,

This was getting pretty funny till Obama, on the defense, started pointing to Pastor Rick's HIV/AIDS interventions in Africa, as proof of his benevolence, because Pastor Rick's actions in Central Africa are some of his most malevolent, in effect, no matter what their intent. Indeed, Pastor Rick's campaign against Proposition 8 is his mild side, when compared to his participation in the worst extremes of gay persecution in Africa, where he insists, with Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, that homosexuality not only cannot, but does not exist, and that homosexuals will therefore not be treated in their state health care systems, including U.S.-funded HIV/AIDS care:

This is so far from funny for some, including myself, that we're now calling for SHOES!!! , in honor of Iraq's global hero, Munthadar al-Zaidi, and LGBTQI Africa, at the Obama Inauguration:

The people of Gaza may well be ready to send any old shoes they have left, to the Obama Inauguration now. I know the world cheered for Obama, the first African American president, and yes indeed, the U.S.A. did need to get at least that far past 500 plus years of Eurocentric colonialism, slavery, mass slaughter, and bigotry, but now we've got Reverend Rick Warren praying at the Obama Inauguration. And, now we've got Barack Obama not only promising to sustain the continuum of the Clinton/Bush Middle East policy, but also trying to worry us about Iran fomenting terrorism, through Hammas and Hezbollah.

And, even trying to worry us about whether or not Iran might build a nuclear weapon like the 5,500 plus nuclear weapons that the U.S. has stockpiled, .

Time to haul out some more anti-imperial shoes.

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