Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No military solution to political problems!

Commenting on the military operation of Rwandan troops inside the Congo, which started yesterday, Victoire Ingabire, chairperson of the opposition United Democratic Forces (UDF), told reporters by phone from the Netherlands:
"The use of force is a bad choice. The path of dialogue should always be favoured,"
"In the entire region, (Rwandan President Paul) Kagame's regime is the only one that refuses to talk to the opposition... There is no military solution to political problems," she said.

Victoire Ingabire has united the exiled Rwandan opposition parties and lives in the Netherlands. In an interview with the largest dutch newspaper ´de telegraaf` on january 7 misses Ingabire tells us she recently visited the US where she met the future US President, Barack Obama. He assured her personally that he would monitor the situation closely.

Her view is in sync with the view expressed by former MONUC force Commander, General Patrick Cammaert. As I have reported some months ago in the article "FDLR no threat to Rwanda". General Patrick Cammert was interviewed on dutch tv concerning the war in eastern Congo in which he said this:
"The problems have to be solved politicallly. That is true also concerning the genocidal hutus. President Kagame is strongly (involved) in that. The president of Rwanda sees the genocide-hutus as a threat to his country, I don't agree with that, I don't think that those genocide-hutus represent a threat to his country at all. However, that is what he says."
Patrick Cammaert has stressed the need for a "political solution" before, as in this interview on youtube.

From her home in Zevenhuizen Victoire Ingabire worked hard to unite the many different coaltionparties in her country. And in that she succeeded. Against the ruling RPF there now is the FDU, in which all opposition parties are united. Kagame has announced elections will be held in 2010. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza will in all likelyhood be an important candidate for the FDU to participate in this election. If these elections will really take place is not certain. It is possible Kagame calls of the elections at the last moment, says Victoire Ingabire. Therefore the support of Barack Obama is very important.
`The fact that Obama now supports our participation in these elections, it will be much harder for Kagame to call off these elections`
, she says. And she adds that she can then try to introduce democracy in Rwanda as it exists in the Netherlands.

You can also read the interview with Paul Kagame and please tell me, does he convince you that Rwanda is not involved in Congo.

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