Sunday, January 4, 2009

The U.S.A.'s angel in Gaza and Congo: Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, advocates for the people of both Gaza and Congo, and for an end to U.S. weapons exports used against them.

On October 30th, 2009, former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney called on President-Elect Barack Obama to "say something" about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and to withdraw military aid to Israel, after the Israeli Navy rammed and damaged the boat she was traveling on.  She and a team of doctors were trying to reach Gaza, from Cyprus, with 2.5 tons of medical relief supplies.  After damaging their boat, the Israeli Navy escorted them to shore in Lebanon.

When will Cynthia McKinney try to reach not only Gaza, but also the "humanitarian corridor," in Congo's North Kivu Province, with food and medical supplies? When will she call on Barack Obama to "Say Something" about Congo's humanitarian crisis? And to stop sending weapons of mass destruction, and U.S. military training, to Rwanda?

When enough of us can explain that, most fundamentally, Rwanda is Israel, Congo is Gaza, the weapons are made in the U.S.A., and, six million Congolese people have died, in the Congo War, since 1996.

Cynthia McKinney knows this as well as anyone, having held Congressional hearings on the U.S. role in the "Rwandan Genoicide" and the Congo War, in 2001. (

However, the Congo War, the deadliest war in the world, is a covert war.   Cynthia McKinney might well also travel to Congo and speak, from there, to Barack Obama and the world, as she spoke, so powerfully, from Gaza, but only if her action could be comprehended in the world's vocabulary for understanding Congo.

Much of the world has now turned its attention to Gaza, as it well should, but the covert Congo War, the deadliest conflict in the world today, rages on, little noted, protested, or understood.  

If the subject comes up at all, most people unconsciously repeat the pervasive propaganda of corporate media and U.S. State Department, sighing that the Congo War is an insoluble, human tragedy caused by unending ethnic conflict.   Most fundamentally, however, the Congo War is a covert imperial war for Congo's unparalleled mineral wealth and other natural resources and we in the U.S., and the rest of the world, could call upon Barack Obama to end it by withdrawing support from Rwandan President Paul Kagame, a U.S./Anglophone imperial ally.

We could all help Cynthia McKinney break the deafening silence.

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