Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jackie Jura blog

Just read Jackie Jura's blog yourself. It is crazy stuff. Wow. I am perplex.

Democratic doubt

"But before him, says Mauro de Lorenzo, an Africa expert at the American Enterprise Institute, Rwanda faced disaster.

"Look carefully at what happened in Rwanda, Zaire, and Burundi, 1990 to 1994," he says. "In each case, the rapid imposition, from outside, of the structures and mechanisms of multiparty democracy leads directly to the unprecedented cataclysm that subsequently engulfed each place. People here [in America] forget or never knew; those who lived through it learned some lasting lessons."

Joshua Kurlantzick is a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of "Charm Offensive: How China's Soft Power is Transforming the World." He can be reached at"

As I would also say, look carefully at what happened from 1990 to 1994. A high Ugandan officer invaded a sovereign country, is that what you call democratic development? I thought the US was against "revolutionary movements". Wasn't the cold war about that? Wasn't he war in Iraq against illegal invasion? Or was it about something else?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

CNDP website hosted by Rwandan diaspora?

Sharangabo Rufagari, a Rwandan living in Canada, is helping Nkunda by hosting the CNDP website. Paul Rusesabangina recently said about him and others:
"In the USA and Canada, the defamation movement against me is run by Sharangabo Rufagari, Alexis Bisangwa, Alexandre Kimenyi (the owner of Ibuka-l internet group), Egide Karuranga, Jean-Paul Nyirinkwaya from PAGE-Rwanda association in Canada, and Louise Mushikiwabo, the newly appointed Information Minister in President Kagame’s government. Coordination at the top is under the care of James Kimonyo, the Rwandan Ambassador in Washington, DC, who is notoriously known for having caused an uproar on September 8, 2007 at the launch of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Initiative (TRC) in Chicago, by alleging that two former American Ambassadors were arms dealers."

27 Aug 2007 Sharangabo Rufagari wrote:
Dear Jackie,

I spend times talking to Laurent everynight.He told me to don't worry.One
may think that the almighty GOD may have given some kind of assurance.Laurent
is a true Revolutionary.Not the world has even see a such figure since the
legendary CHE GUEVARA.
Laurent told me that Rwanda has abandoneed him.He told me all the troubles
he was going into.He talked to me as a brother.With such sincerity I have never
seen from anyone.Laurent knows very well that I have access to the most high
sphere of Rwanda.He knows very well that what Sharangabo want it is executed
right away.

I will be meeting with KAGAME on the 25th of next month in New York.In my
agenda talk with him there is NKUNDA.

In meantime Nkunda told me to no CRY FOR HIM.I talked to you about the
possibility of him to leave us as a human being and you were Sad.Well we are
rebels,we fight against injustices wherever it occurs,your friend H.E Paul
KAGAME use to be like us.He is right now a President of a Country.KAGAME is a
friend of mine.I have proved to you enough.There is one thing I want from him
DON'T LEAVE NKUNDA alone to fight our WARS.This guy is just marvellous,on his
own he is fighting the evils.

I will be speaking with KAGAME very soon.

All the best

Sharangabo Rufagari


Willy Claes: Kagame bares coresponsability for genocide

Former Nato secretary, Willy Claes about the genocide in Rwanda: I say to you, and I choose my words carefully: I consider Kagame coresponsable for the genocide. I could even formulate it much stronger, because I am convinced that he had a hand in the tragedy that took place at the time"

What I Learned at BarCamp Africa

A long answer to a short question, I´ll try to find what I can use on

Ken Shiffman hotdog journalism

Ken Shiffman,CNN Senior Producer, puts his full weight behind Paul Kagame. This article is like a tide wave of lies. I don´t even know where to start. As I have said earlier, those who have been viewing the Great Lakes Region conflict for the last years from a `Kinzer` or `Shiffman` perspective, will one day wake up and realize that the reality is much more complex then this McDonald´s or ´hotdog´ journalism suggest.

Quick and sentimental, you allways know what you get. No surprises. The world is understandable and people can go back to bed. I understand now why Americans allways ask me about `wooden shoes` when they ask me about the Netherlands, it´s the `hotdog` journalism!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Rwanda bestuurt rebellen Congo op afstand

Om te zorgen dat Rwanda toch geld krijgt van Bert Koenders, plaatsen kranten zoals het ND, RD en NRC de laatste dagen artikelen die de spot drijven met diegenen die er van overtuigd zijn dat Rwanda Oost Congo wil losweken van de DRC.

Diegenen die dat denken baseren zich niet, zoals Ilona Eveleens dat hier suggereert, op een marktvrouw. De commandant van de MONUC troepen in het gebied heeft dat zelf bevestigt.

Het zou pas nieuws zijn als Ilona Eveleens deze MONUC commandat had geìnterviewd en hij haar had bevestigt dat het onjuist was, en dat zijn troepen niet gezien hadden dat Rwandese troepen ondersteuning gaven aan Nkunda. Maar dat hoor je hier niet!

Massagraven gevonden in oost Congo

"In het oosten van Congo zijn twee massagraven met in totaal zo'n tweeduizend lijken gevonden. Het stuk land waar de graven werden aangetroffen, behoorde ooit tot een lid van de door Rwanda gesteunde rebellenbeweging RCD."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cédric Kalonji's congoblog

Cédric Kalonji is in Berlin for the Best of Blogs 2008. Last year he was the winner of "meilleur Blog francophone", "best french blog". He is adding six bloggers to

Twitter for business

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Congolese refuse mediation by Obasanjo

Le Jeu malsain d’Obasanjo est mis à nu. Olusegun Obasanjo est un faux sage africain, ancien marionnette des anglo-saxons au Nigeria, que les anglo-saxons veulent utiliser pour donner un visage africain à leur plan machiavélique sur le Congo. Ces derniers temps, les anglo-saxons remuent ciel et terre pour couler le gouvernement élu de Kinshasa qui constitue malgré ses faiblesses le seul épouvantail que le Congo peut agiter au niveau international pour être restaurer dans ses droits. Le moment que Human Rights Watch (HRW) a choisi pour étaler la violation des droits humains par le gouvernement de Kinshasa dit tout de cette pression des anglo-saxons qui veulent coûte que coûte réussir leur coup fourré au Congo.
Mais les congolais ne sont plus dupes. Ils savent bien que les laquais que les anglo-saxons veulent imposer au Congo sont aussi responsables de six millions des morts. is pure propganda from Kagame's regime

This website seems to be part of Paul Kagame's propaganda. If you google on news about Rwanda you will find articles that were published in Rwanda copied right to the website. Allthough this website is based in Washington it is pure propaganda what it is spreading. Would be interesting to know why that is the case. Just try to find an article on Congo on All Africa from the last couple of months. The only stories AllAfrica publishes about Congo and the Congolese government are negative.

Monday, November 24, 2008

US embassy declaration on hutu refugees in Congo

"The humanitarian agencies must leave eastern Zaire and stop feeding
the assassins. These will then scatter into the countryside searching
for something to eat and will release the hostages. If we do not act
in this way we will save the children of Tingi-Tingi but we will ruin
the chances of the children in Rwanda's interior who will be
assassinated or left orphans"6.

The Carrero files

"Together with military power, propaganda has, throughout history, been one of the greatest weapons in the service of conquest. Today more than ever, in a world in which so many great declarations and international conventions have been formulated, you cannot initiate any aggression without the most honorable possible preliminary justification, a justification that has to be widely disseminated by the mass media. In the past months the world has been able to see how the government of the great superpower, the United States of America, has decided to create new and more powerful propaganda agencies, with license to commit such perverse actions as buying professional journalists and misleading international opinion.

Thus even the impressive military force of the RPF, along with the powerful governments, lobbies and multinationals who have chosen it as an ally, has needed the powerful weapon of international propaganda during all these years. In fact, the great battle that the RPF and President Kagame are now engaged in is not only military, but is also one of image. And they are fully engaged in it in the judicial realm. Ever since the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda,, questioning the only official version of the so-called Rwandan genocide, showed its intention to charge certain members of the RPF, this organization (the RPF) has used all its power to discredit the said tribunal.[1] And this is only one of the many battles that are unfolding in the realms of the judiciary and of image."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Troops Not The Answer For DRC

Akwei's interview with Mduduzi Khumalo on Voice of America.

Kambale Musavuli (friendsofcongo) in Washington DC

Intercongolese Dialogue and Sun City Peace Accord

Sir Masire was from 1999 onwards involved as facilitator in the negotiations that led to the Congo-Peace Accord in Sun City in 2003. Dr. Alexander von Paleske interviewed him today on the war in eastern Congo. This article was posted on oraclesyndicate.twoday.nettoday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aloys Ruyenzi

Paul Kagame was responsible for this assassination

Interviews with Dr. Helmut Strizek:

Today we know, among other things through a Rwandan dissident's sworn affidavit to the Rwandan-Court in Arusha on March 9, 2006, that Paul Kagame was responsible for this assassination(the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, who were killed April 6, 1994). His military victory was made possible through the power vacuum thus created. But in this chaos the genocide of the Tutsis could also take place. So as not to jeopardize Kagamé, no German government has insisted on a neutral investigation of the terrorist downing of the plane.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And all the king's men and all the king's horses.

Alvaro Vargas Llosa wrote an article that shows that slowly opinion is shifting on the conflict in eastern-congo. Paul Kagame as the great hero is falling apart.

"The conflict represents the failure of two Western-backed transitions to democracy in Africa -- Congo's and Rwanda's."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

former MONUC Force Commander Cammaert: FDLR no threat to Rwanda!

Former MONUC Force Commander, General (generaal-majoor der mariniers b.d) Patrick Cammaert was interviewed today concerning the conflict in eastern Congo on dutch tv in the program buitenhof. He clearly stated in this interview that he disagrees with Paul Kagame on wether the FDLR poses a threat to Rwanda. The interview is available online here.

In dutch he says:
"De problemen moeten politiek opgelost worden. Dat zelfde geldt voor de genocide hutus. President Kagame zit daar sterk in. De president van Rwanda ziet de genocide-hutus als een bedreiging voor zijn land, waar ik het helemaal niet mee eens ben, volgens mij zijn deze genocide hutus helemaal geen bedreiging voor zijn land. Maar goed, hij zegt dat."

Which I can translate as: "The problems have to be solved politicallly. That is true also concerning the genocidal hutus. President Kagame is strongly (involved) in that. The president of Rwanda sees the genocide-hutus as a threat to his country, I don't agree with that, I don't think that those genocide-hutus represent a threat to his country at all. However, that is what he says."

Patrick Cammaert received The Carnegie-Wateler Peace Prize 2008 this week week in the Hague.

Patrick Cammaert was interviewed in The Hague in april on the situation in the great Lakes Region.

Stephen Kinzer’s Tendentious Editorial on the Kabuye Arrest

Kevin Jon Heller from the team ofOpinio Juris wrote this article. Opinion Juris is a forum for informed discussion and lively debate about international law and international relations

Friday, November 14, 2008

Paul Rusesabangina about Rwandan diaspora

"In the USA and Canada, the defamation movement against me is run by Sharangabo Rufagari, Alexis Bisangwa, Alexandre Kimenyi (the owner of Ibuka-l internet group), Egide Karuranga, Jean-Paul Nyirinkwaya from PAGE-Rwanda association in Canada, and Louise Mushikiwabo, the newly appointed Information Minister in President Kagame’s government. Coordination at the top is under the care of James Kimonyo, the Rwandan Ambassador in Washington, DC, who is notoriously known for having caused an uproar on September 8, 2007 at the launch of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Initiative (TRC) in Chicago, by alleging that two former American Ambassadors were arms dealers."

Stephen Kinzer and Laurent Nkunda working for Kagame?

Stephen Kinzer seems to have extended the battlefield of eastern Congo to the pages of the La times and Guardian.

He wrote an article in the guardian november 3rd, an important Brittish newspaper, in which he makes it clear he admires Kagame and in which he came close to calling Nkunda "Godsend".

Today he writes an article in the LA times in which he distorts the truth about the arrest of Rose Kabuye. He wants the readers to believe that the arrest of Rose Kabuye is a case between France and Rwanda. This is obviously not the case. Rwanda wants to make people believe it is. And Stephen Kinzer is helping the regime in spreading this fallacy. It is easy to understand that this is an invalid argument if you consider the fact that 40 senior officers of the Rwandan army RPF, have been convicted of crimes against humanity in Spain. Would Stephen Kinzer also want to attack Spain for participating in the genocide?

It is clear that it is these articles that Paul Kagame is counting on to keep up his support in both US and Brittain. For those who have been following the Rwandan news from a "Kinzer" perspective over the last decade will wake up one day to see that they actually have been lied to for a very long time. And that the suffering of the people in Congo is actually extended every time these articles get published in influential media in the west.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vigil at the Rwanda Embassy

Shanda Tonme: democratisation en Afrique

"J'ai une autre lectureToutes ces explications ne sont pas suffissantes: Nous en afrique nous on pas encore de facon general, d'abord individuel epuis collectif decider de payer le prix qu'il faut."

"Nous ne pouvons pas si vous voulez continuer a lire les revolutions dans les livres de l'histoire,comprenez, il faut les faire en Afrique. On n'a pas encore fait des revolutions en Afrique."

"Quand il n'y plus rien a gagner dans un system, quand il n'y a plus rien a manger il faut aller jusqu'au sacrifice supreme."

"Est-ce-que historiquement il n'y a que les africains qui se sont trouver dans cette situation, est-ce qu lorsque vous remontez, vous lisez l'histoire, lorsque vous sondez l'histoire, est-ce-que il n'y a pas des peuple, a travers le monde, qui ont experimente ce genre de situation de faillite complete, ce genre de situation de disette et qui s'en sont sorti et qui manifestement ont trouver le chemin de batir des nations."

Comment et quand, et par qui?

La notion de peuple est intimement lié a celle d'état, celle d'état a celle d'administration. C'est les peuples qui batisent les administration ou qui les détruisent.

Citizen journalists focused on Congo

Politicians, military advisor, diplomats, policy makers and journalists are increasingly seeing the impact citizen journalists are having on the way people are
seeing reality.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Failure to Deal with the Root Problem?

Thomas Woods of the conservative heritage foundation comes up with a solution to the situation in eastern congo in an articl which he wrote before the nairobi negotiations. A solution, as I remind you, that has been offered for 15 years now, without solving the problem. In the meantime 5 million congolese have lost their lives.

"The AU and U.N. should use the Nairobi summit to pressure Kabila to reign in his troops and commit to disarming and demobilizing the FDLR as a means for securing an immediate cease–fire with Nkunda's CNDP. MONUC must help secure the stability required for unhindered humanitarian assistance to reach those who need it in North Kivu province, especially in and around Goma."

Thomas Woods, allthough a Senior Associate Fellow in African Affairs, hereby ignores the fact that elections have been held in the Congo. Those elections have been characterized by observers from abroad such as the Carter Center and the South African Government as disciplined, peaceful, free and fair.

Allthough he admits, without condemning, that Paul Kagame is actively supporting Nkunda, he still sees the FDLR as the root problem. Dutch minister of development cooperation, Bert Koenders, seems to share this view on the situation in Congo, judging his performance in NOVA last week. NGO's operating in the region seem to agree with Bert Koenders and Thomas Woods, while only demanding more UN troops to North-Kivu.

November 4th Francois Grignon and Fabienne Hara wrote an article "The Congo re-erupts"in which at least the 2006 elections in the DRC are taken into account. Today the dutch parliament has made it clear to Bert Koenders that budgetsupport as development aid for Rwanda is put on hold until it is absolutely clear that Rwanda is not supporting Nkunda. The SADC has made it clear it is ready to defend territorial integrity of the DRC. Angola is sending troops to help enforce the SADC decision on the Congo by supporting its army in defeating Nkunda.

Dutch blocks budgetsupport for Rwanda's government

Arend Jan Boekesteijn, member of the dutch liberal party VVD, has convinced the ruling party CDA, of prime minster Jan Peter Balkenende, that Paul Kagame's government will not receive budgetsupport from the dutch government until it is perfectly clear what Rwanda's role is and has been in the conflict in the DRC.

Arend Jan Boekesteijn has been in the spotlights the last couple of days because he was caught off guard on cam telling journalists that he thought the leader of his own political party VVD, Mark Rutte, had "no ideas whatsoever".

Emanuel Reuhuwreru died 9-11-2008

Every day Paul Kagame's soldiers, under the disguise of a rebel movement, drag this war on we will see more of these stories.

Alexis Sinduhije jailed

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SADC speaks in favor of Congolese army and DRC territorial integrity

The Southern African Development Community (SADC), at an emergency summit in South Africa over the Congolese crisis and developments in Zimbabwe, yesterday, has taken a strong stance in support of Kinshasa's government and army. In the final document emerging from the summit, the 15 SADC regional leaders said that "the security situation in RD Congo threatens the peace and stability of the Great Lakes and Southern African regions", openly accusing the CNDP leaders of having failed to apply "many of the accords signed to restore peace and security in the region of the Great Lakes, on account of the intransigence of Laurent Nkunda", adding that there is a need to "support the Congolese army to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the territory"

Paul Kagame bedreigt EU en Congo

Na bezoek aan de gevangenis in Preungsheim waar Rose Kabuye gevangen zit, maakt Paul Kagame aan de verzamelde pers duidelijk dat volgens hem de zaak tegen Rose Kabuye politiek gemotiveerd zou zijn en hij voegde er aan toe dat dit mogelijk gevolgen zou kunnen hebben op de samenwerking tussen Rwanda en de Europese Unie in relatie tot de gevechten in Congo.

Kennelijk heeft de President van Rwanda niet goed begrepen dat in Frankrijk de rechter die Rose Kabuye arresteert niet een lakei is van de president. Wat meer zegt over hoe hij zijn eigen regering vorm geeft dan over Frankrijk.

Het zegt ook iets over de waarde die Paul Kagame hecht aan het leven van de burgerbevolking in Oost Congo dat hij nog steeds niet bereid is om zijn manschappen terug te trekken uit de Congo.

LAnglicisation du Rwanda et le règne du mensonge

The french speaking world is much better informed on the real nature of what is happening in the great lakes region. Bernard Desgagné explains that the military support france gave to the Rwandan government from 1990 to 1994 was perfectly logical given the fact that Rwanda was attacked by it's neighbour, Uganda. He also points out that the genocide that occured in 1994 would not have occured if France had not left Rwanda in 1993. He also gives the names of two Canadian missionaries who were brutally murdered by Kagame's RPF soldiers in 1994 and 1997. In fact he says that the RPF participated full out in genocidal killings.

In fact Rwanda shows that Bill Clinton's foreign policy in Africa was in reality a disaster. All the aid that the US gave to Yoweri Museveni was used for waging war in Rwanda. Bernard Desgagné also argues that the objective of this war was regime change in Congo. All along the US wanted to increase it's influence in Africa.

Today we learn that the Rwandan government has admitted to the possibility of Rwandan soldiers fighting alongside Nkunda against the congolese government. This means they know that this fact allready has been established and that now Paul Kagame wants to distance themselves from Nkunda and the war crimes committed by his men by saying: "these soldiers were demobilized". But Paul Kagame should remember the words of Koffi Olomide: "lies come by elevator, truth takes the stairs". One day this man will face justice. Today he is in Germany, I hope that the people in Germany that meet him will ask him about the crimes he is responsable for in both the Congo and Rwanda.

Rose Kabuye is in prison in Frankfurt and Paul Kagame visits her, how touching.
It is equally pathetic to stage a protest in front of the German embassy while hundreds of thousands of Congolese citizens are being terrorized by your own soldiers.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Congolese in Oslo acuse Kagame, US and Brittan

We hope that the world opens its eyes on what the soldiers of Paul Kagame are doing in the DRC. We are convinced that Paul Kagame is supported by the US government and Great Brittan.

Ugandan politicians encouraging war criminals

KAJABAGO-KA-RUSOKE is an important Ugandan politician and he shows in this article titled "Gen. Nkunda has strong case for his rebellion" once again that Uganda and Rwanda are supporting Nkunda, a man who is going to face trial in the international tribunal in the Hague.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rose Kabuye

It would be very interesting to know why Rose Kabuye visited Germany today. Is it because she feared for her own life. Does she see the Kagame regime crumbling. Did she stay in Kenya when Kagame attended the conference there? It is hard to tell, but this story is not over yet. Paul Kagame maybe now has a real enemy abroad. Rose Kabuy knows all the dirty secrets of the RPF.

But her husband David Kabuye is the Managing Editor of The New Times Publications. A newspaper that is filled with pure propaganda.

"the arc of the moral universe is long, it bends towards justice"

Citizenjournalism on Zcom

Through David Barouski's website I just discovered Zcom, let me see what distinguishes Zcom from a simple blog.

Why not break Congo up into workable pieces for peace?

Today Sam Akaki from Uganda writes in this article: "Instead, they should let the Congo to break up into small, autonomous and governable parts. With time, these parts will mature and decide whether to unite in a larger and truly [Democratic] Republic of Congo." On 22 october a Rwandan newspape, Focus Media wrote in its editorial: "Congolese in the East Should Consider Secession" It is high time someone gave it a serious thought - parts of eastern Congo should secede.There is no reason at all a secession movement shouldn't work in Africa, given the right levels of determination on the part of the oppressed."

Bert Koenders and other politicians from Europe should not hide the truth from the general public that Nkunda is supported by the ruling elite of both Rwanda and Uganda.


Beautiful Political Art by CHERI CHERIN (Joseph Kinkonda), Werner Horvath has a whole list of interesting artist from all over the place, but also from the DRC at his website.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bert Koenders critisizing Joseph Kabila

Bert Koenders critisized the DRC President Joseph Kabila on dutch tv, NOVA, by saying that Kabila had acted with clumsiness by trying to defeat the rebels. And that the congolese government therefor also bears responsability for the current crisis.

It would be interesting to know if Bert Koenders has been courageous enough to say these things in the presents of the congolese president when he met him in Nairobi. And if so, it would be interesting to know what the congolese reaction to this was.

Because sources in Kinshasa claim that General Diaz de Villegas requested permission to arrest General Nkunda and his deputies. Special Representative Alan Doss reportedly asked the Security Council to grant MONUC the mandate to carry out the operation when he went to New York to plead his case for reinforcements following the unilateral attack by the CNDP and 2 battalions of Rwandan Army forces. According to the sources, the United States objected to the plan.

Bert Koenders also denied that there was proof of involvement of Rwanda in helping Nkunda, allthough U.N. spokeswoman Sylvie van den Wildenberg told The Associated Press in Goma that Uruguayan peacekeepers saw Rwandan tanks and other heavy artillery fire into Congo on Wednesday as Nkunda's forces advanced toward the regional capital, Goma.

Bert Koenders justifies his support for Rwanda by pointing towards economic growth, with seemingly total disregard for the lack of democratic development and free press. Apparantly Bert Koenders does not feel that Paul Rusesabagina and Robert Krueger should be taken seriously when they ask for a truth and reconciliation committee for Rwanda as the only way for lasting peace in the great lakes region.

Surviving the slaughter

Marie Beatrice Umutesi wrote this book as a survivor of Kagame's RPF slaughter of Rwandan refugees to the congo.

Ushahidi deployed in eastern Congo:

The mobile number to send SMS reports to is +243992592111.Help get word to the Congolese on the ground in the DRC of this tool, that’s who needs to know about it.

Mutombo Dikembe on eastern Congo.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kagame's politics

This french blog explains how Kagame uses genocide to take out political opponents inside Rwanda. Former generals suddenly, after years of service, are accused of having taken part in the genocide. The writer also touches on the subject of what is happening in eastern Congo.

Paul Jordan, Kibeho witness to Paul Kagame's crimes

hubert védrine et les mensonges de kagame e nkunda

Thursday, November 6, 2008

James Karuhanga

I have followed some articles from Rwanda by a certain James Karuhanga. He calls himself a journalist, but his articles are pure propaganda for the Rwanda regime. It is clear that if you want to know what is really going on in Rwanda, you should read those articles. It gives you a much better picture of Rwanda, then the distortions Paul Kagame helps into the world.

Truth and reconciliation committee for Rwanda

Paul Rusesabagina and former US ambassador to Burundi, Robert Krueger see the truth and reconciliation committee as the only solution for lasting peace for Rwanda. Jesse Jackson also attended the meeting that was discussing this idea.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Laurent Nkunda, his rwandan allies and, the ex ANC

Book by David Barouski on Rwanda, Goma and the war in Congo.

journey into darkness

A book that gives you some insight in the conflict in congo. It gives insight into the military angle of the conflict and how american military influence the political debate.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Essai de compréhension de l’Obamania en Afrique

Article by Shonda Tonme on Obama and democratic development in Africa.

JC Nizeyimana about Rwanda's regime

Detailed account of what has been and is happening in Rwanda the last decade.

Kagame said he would destroy refugee camps

Interview with JC Nizeyimana:

JCN: Also, in 1996, Kagame said that he would destroy the refugee camps in Congo anytime he wanted due to the fact they did not listen to him when he asked them to return to Rwanda. Then, after they forcibly returned, he invited the public to Amahoro Stadium and he had a group of Hutu refugees march before everyone in the stadium. He said, “You see these Interahamwe marching in front of you. They aren’t human anymore. Look at them! And they tell people they can attack Rwanda! They are nothing! Nothing!”

Monday, November 3, 2008

Is de opdeling van Congo acceptabel?

Jean Claude SHANDA TONME is doctor in internationaal recht die zijn opleiding in frankrijk en de VS ontving, hij heeft als diplomaat carriere gemaakt en is hoogleraar in internationale relaties en juridisch adviseur van een groot aantal gerenomeerde humanitaire organisaties. Jean Claude Shanda Tonme heeft drie dagen geleden het volgende artikel gepubliceerd over de situatie zoals deze zich in Congo afspeelt en de rol die de president van Rwanda daarin speelt. Een citaat:

"De situatie in Congo wordt steeds verontrustendender wanneer we het oprukkende rwandese leger beschouwen dat onder de dekmantel van een rebellenleger onder leiding van Generaal Nkunda waarvan niemand meer kan ontkennen dat hij slechts een pion is in de handen van de zeer ambitieuze en insatiable Paul Kagamé. Het simpele feit dat dit leger dorpen en steden bezet laat ons zien dat een politiek-militiare planning in zit waarvan het ultieme doel de opdeling van Congo betekent."

Wat deze bijdrage extra gewicht geeft is dat Dr. Shanda Tonme niet alleen een ikoon is op het gebied van geopolitieke en geostrategische analyse, maar dat hij ook een hoge ambtenaar is van het ministerie van buitenlandse zaken van Kameroen.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paul Kagame

Georgianne Nienaber was a MONUC accredited journalist in DRC in 2007. This article gives some background information on who Paul Kagame is and what he stands for.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

MIT invites mass murderer P. Kagame

Source: news in pictures: panic grips Congo:

While his soldiers have been busy killing civilians, rading refugee camps in eastern Congo, this man is invited to give a speech at MIT. Well Thanks for your view on technology mister Kagame. One of his American friends is Tom Odom.

As AFP reports from eastern Congo, a MONUC commander affrims that Paul Kagame's army is involved in the attacks : The rebels troops led by ethnic Tutsi warlord Laurent Nkunda "are backed by tanks" and "artillery" from Rwanda, according to Uruguayan military commander Jorge Rosales, who is overseeing the peacekeeping troops.

Shanda Tonme on democratic development

Great analysis by Shanda Tonme on france24 on democratic development in Africa, follow the link for the interview.Shanda Tonme is director of Centre africain de politique international, a diplomat and has written mostly on good governance and democratic development in Africa.

On Bono he is very clear: In the op-ed article All Rock, No Action in the July 15, 2005 edition of the New York Times, Jean-Claude Shanda Tonme wrote that "neither debt relief nor huge amounts of food aid nor an invasion of experts will change anything. Those will merely prop up the African continent's dictators." He added that "the musicians at Live 8 were singing to amuse the crowds and to clear their own consciences, and whether they realized it or not, to reinforce dictatorships."

The financial crisis, american elections and Goma

Dr. Shanda Tonme, a respected journalist and scolar from Cameroon is convinced that Kagame is using the financial crisis and the american presidential election to try to restart is project of annexation of a part of Congo DRC.

rofitant de la crise financière internationale et de la fièvre de l’élection présidentielle américaine, le Rwanda, qui est devenu un véritable cancer au cœur de l’Afrique Centrale, a relancé son vieux projet d’annexion d’une partie du Congo démocratique.