Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Rwandan Paradox

Obviously the government controlled media in Kigali is not happy that finally even american media is doubting their version of reality. One thing in this article from the New Times, Kigali that was published on AllAfrica, which I like to quote here is:

"The New York Times is part of America big business. By taking positions on such issues, it sets a wrong precedent, and doubts about its intentions. Western big business interests are well known to have a hand in conflicts on the African continent. And the results have been catastrophic for the African people.

The story of the blood diamonds in Sierra Leone has been well documented. The role of American multinational corporations in sponsoring Jonas Savimbi's war machine is well documented.

Savimbi, a ruthless warlord was a regular guest to the Heritage Institute in the United States despite his heinous war crimes.

The link beween western think tanks, its media and multinational corporations is well known and hence they have little moral authority to pontificate on African issues.

Whereas Rwanda has refused to be drawn into the Congo issues, I believe the existence of the remnants of the army and militia that carried out Genocide in DR Congo provides a reason for Rwanda to be concerned."

The journalist does three things:

1) Show that Rwanda is a friend of Angola in the "revolutionary struggle"
2) Show contempt for the American people and the money that the US administration has been pumping into Rwanda over the last decade.
3) Give justification for the military support that Rwanda has been giving to Nkunda

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