Saturday, December 13, 2008

Revolutionary movements and their JUST CAUSES

Louis Michel said he had to transmit the following message from Paul Kagame to Laurent Nkunda: "When a leader defends a just cause, that is legitimate, if he defends his own cause, he is an everyday warlord"

When Paul Kagame talks about a "JUST CAUSE" this is clearly the language of the RPF, the revolutionary movement which gained power as a rebelmovement during the nineties.
Most revolutionary movements have no problem defining their "JUST CAUSES": oppression of a certain group, a certain social class, the inallianable right over a certain piece of territoriy.

Most revolutionary movements also have trouble defining their methodology. Some seem to implicitly suggest their methodolgoy comes down to: "ends justifying the means". And that is exactedly what comes to my mind when I read these words of the Rwandan President. It sounds very noble when you first read it: "When a leader defends a just cause, that is legitimate, if he defends his own cause, he is an everyday warlord".

But when you think about it for a second you notice that the question about the method USED to fight for a JUST CAUSE is totally absent.

We all know that methodology is at least just as important after 200 years of debate on what "Revolution" should mean. In dutch politics this question has allways been present.

Shanda Tonme's interview on democratic development on France24 asks everyone this very simpel question:

"If we look at history, is it just the africans that find themselves in this situation? If we go back in history, we read history, were there no people anywhere on earth, that have experience similar cases of total faillite, of total despair and that have been able to come out of it and have apparently been able to find the road to building nations?"

Shanda Tonme clearly asks us to study history and to find lessons on how democratic development is possible in Africa today. Defining a "JUST CAUSE" is not enough, it's important to study the dynamic process of democratic development to understand what method works and what method leads to misery, bloodshed and minority rule. The examples of revolutionary movements that lead to mass slaughter are apparent all over the globe, just look at the history former Sovjet Union, look at the "cultural revolution in China".

As long as Paul Kagame's words leave open the possibility that Nkunda's CAUSE is a just CAUSE, he thereby proves that he has no remorse for all the killings his RPF soldiers have committed on his orders, soldiers that got promoted afterwards. It's time the Citizens of the US and UK stand up and send a strong message to their political representatives that we as a people no longer want to have one dollar or one pound spent on support for a criminal who should have been behind bars in the Hague a longue time ago.

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