Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dutch government will not give budgetsupport to Rwanda

Based on information the BBC has got hold of, Bert Koenders will decide to not give budgetsupport to Rwanda. To put everything into perspective, here are the facts chronologically:

Arend Jan Boekesteijn, VVD MP who convinced the parliament that budget support for Rwanda should be blocked, wrote on his blog yesterday: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Verhagen, has said yesterday that he does not believe Rwanda has given sufficient proof.

On november 12th the dutch parliament had made it clear to Bert Koenders that budgetsupport as development aid for Rwanda is put on hold until it is absolutely clear that Rwanda is not supporting Nkunda.

on 29th of november returning from Kigali, Bert Koenders published the following statement on the website of foreign affairs:
The Dutch government will not make a final decision on budget support for Rwanda until the middle of December. ‘This is not a decision to be made lightly. I want to review all the information provided by the UN and the Rwandan and Congolese governments,’ Mr Koenders said. While he is pleased that the two countries’ foreign ministers and senior military officials are talking, he believes the Rwandan and Congolese governments should be doing much more to end the terrible violence in eastern Congo.

Today the BBC got hold of a UN document,

"The draft UN report alleges the Rwandan authorities have supplied Gen Nkunda's forces with military equipment, the use of Rwandan banks, and allowed the rebels to launch attacks from Rwandan territory on the Congolese army.

DR Congo miners
The report claims rebels have helped fund the conflict by exploiting mines

Perhaps most damagingly, it claims Rwandan officers brought recruits - some of them child soldiers - up to the border, on behalf of the rebels.

The report also says a barrage of artillery and mortar fire - which helped Gen Nkunda's forces advance in October on the North Kivu province capital of Goma - came from Rwandan territory. "

This report will effectively block all options for Bert Koenders to give budgetsupport to the Rwandan government

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Jacques said...

This is what we have been talking about and asking the world to do to put Kagame back to common sense. Thanks to the Dutch government for its leadership on the Congo-Rwanda conflict. I feel sorry for the Rwandan people who have to suffer from the lack of Dutch funds. They have to ask President Kagame to use wisdom. Peace is what the Congolese people and the Rwandan people want. Thanks for the coverage of the situation in the Congo. Keep up with the good work