Saturday, December 27, 2008

ColoredOpinions twitter number 66

I started using twitter as ColoredOpinions some time ago because Cem Basman was talking about twitter and identica on his blog. And now I am twitterer number 66 in the Netherlands, as you can read if you follow the link. I followed some stuff on hurrican catrina and on the RNC convention riots on twitter which was interesting. Also tried to find if there were any active twitterrers in africa. I thought and had hoped that it had somehow would have potential in Africa, because you can twitter from you phone too. But haven't met many active african twitters online yet. And in the netherlands it hasn't yet taken off either. But still Cem Basman is organizing a miniconference on microblogging next month. I hope to follow it on twitter, or offcourse.

The twitter tutorial