Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why not break Congo up into workable pieces for peace?

Today Sam Akaki from Uganda writes in this article: "Instead, they should let the Congo to break up into small, autonomous and governable parts. With time, these parts will mature and decide whether to unite in a larger and truly [Democratic] Republic of Congo." On 22 october a Rwandan newspape, Focus Media wrote in its editorial: "Congolese in the East Should Consider Secession" It is high time someone gave it a serious thought - parts of eastern Congo should secede.There is no reason at all a secession movement shouldn't work in Africa, given the right levels of determination on the part of the oppressed."

Bert Koenders and other politicians from Europe should not hide the truth from the general public that Nkunda is supported by the ruling elite of both Rwanda and Uganda.

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