Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vice-Governor of North-Kivu denies Rwandan involvement?

never trust a butcher to evaluate his own meat

Bert Koenders, duthc minister of development cooperation, wants to continue giving budget support to the undemocratic rule of Paul Kagame and this is what his research to rwandese involvement amounts to so far:

Bert Koenders told reporters that he doesn't believe Rwanda was directly involved in the fighting in Congo. He sayd that he agreed with the version of his Rwandese counterpart, Rosemarie Museminali: "In general the view is that there is no direct involvement of the Rwandese government" in combat in the Congo. He said he based his view on talks with the Rwandese minsiter of foreign affairs. he added that he has established his view also on the basis of talks with the vice-governor of North-Kivu.

I have found the name of this vice-governor: Feller Lutaichirwa Mulwahale. And if anyone can give me his email adress, I would like to contact him so he could update me on what he really said to Bert Koenders. it would off course be of use if someone has more information on who Feller Lutaichirwa Mulwahale is. Because several congolese politicians have defected to the CNDP over the last couple of months. So, telling us that a Kivu politician denies involvement from Rwanda can be pretty useless.

The name of the Governor of North-Kivu is: Julien Paluku Kahongya. I would also be interested in his email and more about who he is and what his position in Kivu politics is at this point.

Bert Koenders apparently feels that he can ask the Rwandan government about their involvement in the Congo and get an honest answer. We have a dutch saying for that: "never trust a butcher to evaluate his own meat" I hope he knows that he represents the dutch people, and that we deserve better then that.

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