Friday, November 14, 2008

Stephen Kinzer and Laurent Nkunda working for Kagame?

Stephen Kinzer seems to have extended the battlefield of eastern Congo to the pages of the La times and Guardian.

He wrote an article in the guardian november 3rd, an important Brittish newspaper, in which he makes it clear he admires Kagame and in which he came close to calling Nkunda "Godsend".

Today he writes an article in the LA times in which he distorts the truth about the arrest of Rose Kabuye. He wants the readers to believe that the arrest of Rose Kabuye is a case between France and Rwanda. This is obviously not the case. Rwanda wants to make people believe it is. And Stephen Kinzer is helping the regime in spreading this fallacy. It is easy to understand that this is an invalid argument if you consider the fact that 40 senior officers of the Rwandan army RPF, have been convicted of crimes against humanity in Spain. Would Stephen Kinzer also want to attack Spain for participating in the genocide?

It is clear that it is these articles that Paul Kagame is counting on to keep up his support in both US and Brittain. For those who have been following the Rwandan news from a "Kinzer" perspective over the last decade will wake up one day to see that they actually have been lied to for a very long time. And that the suffering of the people in Congo is actually extended every time these articles get published in influential media in the west.

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