Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LAnglicisation du Rwanda et le règne du mensonge

The french speaking world is much better informed on the real nature of what is happening in the great lakes region. Bernard Desgagné explains that the military support france gave to the Rwandan government from 1990 to 1994 was perfectly logical given the fact that Rwanda was attacked by it's neighbour, Uganda. He also points out that the genocide that occured in 1994 would not have occured if France had not left Rwanda in 1993. He also gives the names of two Canadian missionaries who were brutally murdered by Kagame's RPF soldiers in 1994 and 1997. In fact he says that the RPF participated full out in genocidal killings.

In fact Rwanda shows that Bill Clinton's foreign policy in Africa was in reality a disaster. All the aid that the US gave to Yoweri Museveni was used for waging war in Rwanda. Bernard Desgagné also argues that the objective of this war was regime change in Congo. All along the US wanted to increase it's influence in Africa.

Today we learn that the Rwandan government has admitted to the possibility of Rwandan soldiers fighting alongside Nkunda against the congolese government. This means they know that this fact allready has been established and that now Paul Kagame wants to distance themselves from Nkunda and the war crimes committed by his men by saying: "these soldiers were demobilized". But Paul Kagame should remember the words of Koffi Olomide: "lies come by elevator, truth takes the stairs". One day this man will face justice. Today he is in Germany, I hope that the people in Germany that meet him will ask him about the crimes he is responsable for in both the Congo and Rwanda.

Rose Kabuye is in prison in Frankfurt and Paul Kagame visits her, how touching.
It is equally pathetic to stage a protest in front of the German embassy while hundreds of thousands of Congolese citizens are being terrorized by your own soldiers.

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