Sunday, November 16, 2008

former MONUC Force Commander Cammaert: FDLR no threat to Rwanda!

Former MONUC Force Commander, General (generaal-majoor der mariniers b.d) Patrick Cammaert was interviewed today concerning the conflict in eastern Congo on dutch tv in the program buitenhof. He clearly stated in this interview that he disagrees with Paul Kagame on wether the FDLR poses a threat to Rwanda. The interview is available online here.

In dutch he says:
"De problemen moeten politiek opgelost worden. Dat zelfde geldt voor de genocide hutus. President Kagame zit daar sterk in. De president van Rwanda ziet de genocide-hutus als een bedreiging voor zijn land, waar ik het helemaal niet mee eens ben, volgens mij zijn deze genocide hutus helemaal geen bedreiging voor zijn land. Maar goed, hij zegt dat."

Which I can translate as: "The problems have to be solved politicallly. That is true also concerning the genocidal hutus. President Kagame is strongly (involved) in that. The president of Rwanda sees the genocide-hutus as a threat to his country, I don't agree with that, I don't think that those genocide-hutus represent a threat to his country at all. However, that is what he says."

Patrick Cammaert received The Carnegie-Wateler Peace Prize 2008 this week week in the Hague.

Patrick Cammaert was interviewed in The Hague in april on the situation in the great Lakes Region.

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