Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Failure to Deal with the Root Problem?

Thomas Woods of the conservative heritage foundation comes up with a solution to the situation in eastern congo in an articl which he wrote before the nairobi negotiations. A solution, as I remind you, that has been offered for 15 years now, without solving the problem. In the meantime 5 million congolese have lost their lives.

"The AU and U.N. should use the Nairobi summit to pressure Kabila to reign in his troops and commit to disarming and demobilizing the FDLR as a means for securing an immediate cease–fire with Nkunda's CNDP. MONUC must help secure the stability required for unhindered humanitarian assistance to reach those who need it in North Kivu province, especially in and around Goma."

Thomas Woods, allthough a Senior Associate Fellow in African Affairs, hereby ignores the fact that elections have been held in the Congo. Those elections have been characterized by observers from abroad such as the Carter Center and the South African Government as disciplined, peaceful, free and fair.

Allthough he admits, without condemning, that Paul Kagame is actively supporting Nkunda, he still sees the FDLR as the root problem. Dutch minister of development cooperation, Bert Koenders, seems to share this view on the situation in Congo, judging his performance in NOVA last week. NGO's operating in the region seem to agree with Bert Koenders and Thomas Woods, while only demanding more UN troops to North-Kivu.

November 4th Francois Grignon and Fabienne Hara wrote an article "The Congo re-erupts"in which at least the 2006 elections in the DRC are taken into account. Today the dutch parliament has made it clear to Bert Koenders that budgetsupport as development aid for Rwanda is put on hold until it is absolutely clear that Rwanda is not supporting Nkunda. The SADC has made it clear it is ready to defend territorial integrity of the DRC. Angola is sending troops to help enforce the SADC decision on the Congo by supporting its army in defeating Nkunda.

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