Monday, November 24, 2008

The Carrero files

"Together with military power, propaganda has, throughout history, been one of the greatest weapons in the service of conquest. Today more than ever, in a world in which so many great declarations and international conventions have been formulated, you cannot initiate any aggression without the most honorable possible preliminary justification, a justification that has to be widely disseminated by the mass media. In the past months the world has been able to see how the government of the great superpower, the United States of America, has decided to create new and more powerful propaganda agencies, with license to commit such perverse actions as buying professional journalists and misleading international opinion.

Thus even the impressive military force of the RPF, along with the powerful governments, lobbies and multinationals who have chosen it as an ally, has needed the powerful weapon of international propaganda during all these years. In fact, the great battle that the RPF and President Kagame are now engaged in is not only military, but is also one of image. And they are fully engaged in it in the judicial realm. Ever since the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda,, questioning the only official version of the so-called Rwandan genocide, showed its intention to charge certain members of the RPF, this organization (the RPF) has used all its power to discredit the said tribunal.[1] And this is only one of the many battles that are unfolding in the realms of the judiciary and of image."

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