Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bert Koenders critisizing Joseph Kabila

Bert Koenders critisized the DRC President Joseph Kabila on dutch tv, NOVA, by saying that Kabila had acted with clumsiness by trying to defeat the rebels. And that the congolese government therefor also bears responsability for the current crisis.

It would be interesting to know if Bert Koenders has been courageous enough to say these things in the presents of the congolese president when he met him in Nairobi. And if so, it would be interesting to know what the congolese reaction to this was.

Because sources in Kinshasa claim that General Diaz de Villegas requested permission to arrest General Nkunda and his deputies. Special Representative Alan Doss reportedly asked the Security Council to grant MONUC the mandate to carry out the operation when he went to New York to plead his case for reinforcements following the unilateral attack by the CNDP and 2 battalions of Rwandan Army forces. According to the sources, the United States objected to the plan.

Bert Koenders also denied that there was proof of involvement of Rwanda in helping Nkunda, allthough U.N. spokeswoman Sylvie van den Wildenberg told The Associated Press in Goma that Uruguayan peacekeepers saw Rwandan tanks and other heavy artillery fire into Congo on Wednesday as Nkunda's forces advanced toward the regional capital, Goma.

Bert Koenders justifies his support for Rwanda by pointing towards economic growth, with seemingly total disregard for the lack of democratic development and free press. Apparantly Bert Koenders does not feel that Paul Rusesabagina and Robert Krueger should be taken seriously when they ask for a truth and reconciliation committee for Rwanda as the only way for lasting peace in the great lakes region.

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