Saturday, October 25, 2008

Third commemoration of Schiphol Fire

In October 2005 eleven people died in the calamitous fire at Schiphol
Airport detention centre. Their deaths are the immediate and tragic
result of exceedingly restrictive Dutch immigration laws. Laws to
exclude, hunt down, lock up and deport innocent people.

Join the protest at Schiphol against the treatment of immigrants as criminals and tune into M2M Radio, the Migrant-to-Migrant web radio station of the survivors of the fire.

The Schiphol fire that happened in the night of the 26th of October 2005 will be commemorated again three years later, at the same place and at the same time. At the memorial for the eleven dead migrants that stands at the fence of the detention centre at Schiphol Airport. Survivors and relatives of the dead are working together to create the commemoration and to be there. The united survivors initiated the
event in collaboration with M2M Radio and The Blue House.

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