Friday, October 3, 2008

Stikvoort blames the entire political spectrum "from left to right”.

Politicians from all parties have been pointing their fingers at Wilders after the police chief critisized the whole spectrum, showing that they willfully ignore his message.

"I've had enough of politicians who blow up a minor incident into something big and then turn around and say the police aren't doing their job properly. And what solutions do they have to offer? Sending in the army? It sounds tough, but where does that leave us?"

Stikvoort claims the situation in Gouda is "nothing special when you look at the national picture", and says the problems are caused by a core of around twenty youths and that "tough action is being taken against them. The residents don't recognise the picture being painted by the politicians and the media. They are not living in fear.

"No one has asked me for the facts", he says. "In this region we've got more problems with non-ethnic Dutch kids taking drugs and drinking. But the politicians would rather go along with the hype about ethnic minorities. If that's the line they're going to take, our society is going to be facing some serious problems".

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