Saturday, September 27, 2008

Transnational citizenship

I attended the conference Migration, development and humanrights in Amsterdam today. The discussion on transnational citizenship was one of the topics. I didn't know there was actually a transnational institute in amsterdam. I'll have some pictures of the event up soon. The brainstorming was usefull, especially the emphasis on "do something". Creativity can never be achieved if you don't do anything. There will be a directive that impacts migrant rights directly, and it will come into effect otober 15th. December 18 , migrantworker day, gives us the opportunity to focus on these issues also by broadcasting radioprograms with migrants and migrant workers.

My ideas for now are, why not find some points in common with the EU. Free movement within the EU and the desire to develop europe into a more democratic Union can fit very well with the objectives of other migrants: research project at University of Oxford

So, it's good that ENCEMO has decided to join forces with other migrant organisation. ENCEMO has been active in the field of migration and development much longer then other groups.

Other possible creative ideas can be linked to migrant activity online: read the article by cem basman
on the first research project on the potential of political participation through the internet for diaspora at the University of Münster.

Dutch with foreign partners have a strong presence online at

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