Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just in Time Teaching

JiTT in a Nutshell

The essence of JiTT is remarkably simple, but the dividends
can be profound. The basic idea is this: Before class, students
complete short but carefully constructed web-based assignments
related to the upcoming class topics. These assignments,
often called "WarmUps" or "Preflights," generally
have the students read relevant textbook sections and reflect
and draw on prior knowledge to answer the questions. The
students submit their answers electronically, often just hours
before class. Before class, the faculty member reads the student
submissions, looking for students’ level of understanding,
troublesome areas, and common approaches and
probing for any required underlying skills and/or background.
Armed with these insights, the faculty member tailors the
classroom session activities "just-in-time" to make the best
use of the classroom face-to-face time. In a JiTT course, discussion
of and activities based on the WarmUp questions
and the student responses to them are central to the classroom

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