Monday, September 29, 2008

Africom website about Kagame

"We were greeted by Rwanda's thoughtful and effective leader, President Paul Kagame, along with Mrs. Kagame."

When I read this at the website of africom, an organisation that facilitates military training, I shudder. Paul Kagame is responsable of mass killing, illegal invasion of Congo. At some point ignorance turns into guilt, but the problem is the US is not ignorant, they know exactedly who Kagame is and still continue to spread the fallacies like I quoted above.

Fact is, Kagame's regime is convicted in two courts, one in spain, the other in France. And he can hold phony elections as long as he wants, he still stays a ruthless mass murderer.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where is the love

Kagame's parliament

A parliamentary election was held in Rwanda from 15 September to 18 September 2008. There are 80 seats at stake in the Chamber of Deputies, 53 directly elected and 27 indirectly elected.[1][2] No opposition parties participated in the election

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Transnational citizenship

I attended the conference Migration, development and humanrights in Amsterdam today. The discussion on transnational citizenship was one of the topics. I didn't know there was actually a transnational institute in amsterdam. I'll have some pictures of the event up soon. The brainstorming was usefull, especially the emphasis on "do something". Creativity can never be achieved if you don't do anything. There will be a directive that impacts migrant rights directly, and it will come into effect otober 15th. December 18 , migrantworker day, gives us the opportunity to focus on these issues also by broadcasting radioprograms with migrants and migrant workers.

My ideas for now are, why not find some points in common with the EU. Free movement within the EU and the desire to develop europe into a more democratic Union can fit very well with the objectives of other migrants: research project at University of Oxford

So, it's good that ENCEMO has decided to join forces with other migrant organisation. ENCEMO has been active in the field of migration and development much longer then other groups.

Other possible creative ideas can be linked to migrant activity online: read the article by cem basman
on the first research project on the potential of political participation through the internet for diaspora at the University of Münster.

Dutch with foreign partners have a strong presence online at

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alvin Queen Trio

Ethan Zuckerman: African diaspora pivotal

Diaspora from different countries hasn't been taken seriously for a long time. If you say, listen to migrants in the Netherlands people open their eyes wide and start to look at you in disbelief. Good to know someone like Ethan at picnic 08 has seen what is really going on. Going to attend a conference saturday on migration, development and human rights organised by the transnational migrant platform in the netherlands. I'll twitter on it maybe, if I can make my phone do it's trick. or off course, sorry evan Prodromou

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Transnational Migrant Platform

In june the Transnational Migrant was formed and wrote the declaration that you will find if you click the link. September 27th the Platform will hold a meeting in Amsterdam. conference on migration, development and human rights

Just in Time Teaching

JiTT in a Nutshell

The essence of JiTT is remarkably simple, but the dividends
can be profound. The basic idea is this: Before class, students
complete short but carefully constructed web-based assignments
related to the upcoming class topics. These assignments,
often called "WarmUps" or "Preflights," generally
have the students read relevant textbook sections and reflect
and draw on prior knowledge to answer the questions. The
students submit their answers electronically, often just hours
before class. Before class, the faculty member reads the student
submissions, looking for students’ level of understanding,
troublesome areas, and common approaches and
probing for any required underlying skills and/or background.
Armed with these insights, the faculty member tailors the
classroom session activities "just-in-time" to make the best
use of the classroom face-to-face time. In a JiTT course, discussion
of and activities based on the WarmUp questions
and the student responses to them are central to the classroom

Dov Charney - American Apparel

Andrew Mwenda: Let's take a new look at African aid

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Erroll GARNER Suède 62 "One Note Samba"

Virtual Discussion on Gender, Migration, Remittances and Development

"From 8 September to 3 October 2008, UN-INSTRAW is hosting a Virtual Discussion on "Gender, Migration, Remittances and Development: Towards a Participatory Research Framework." More than 90 experts, academics and researchers from over 20 countries will come together online to discuss international migration and development from a gender perspective."

I have noticed in recent years that "gender" seems the only trigger in influential circles in western politics concerning migrants. Personally it gets me a little uneasy when I see migrant women used by dutch political parties to say to things:

1: Migrant women are not treated well by their male counterparts.

2: Migrants shouldn't complain about representation, there are well educated migrant women that can get into the circles of power.

I find democratic development too important to be totally eclipsed by this "gender" issue.

the first week of discussion had a good outcome:

Putting the Migrant First
Many participants suggested that to remedy the above mentioned problems the migrant must be put at the center of the discussion. There was some regret that current migration studies focus on remittances and not the migrant. Giving migrants a more central role can avoid their instrumentalization as mere ‘pawns of development’. It was suggested that if the migrant is at the center of the discussion there is little distinction between the two approaches to development outlined in the Working Paper. The importance to ensure that migrants have a voice in the media and at the national and international levels was stressed. Little attention was given to gender.

Related to the efforts to put migrants first in the dialogue about migration and development is the desire to see the scope of the discussion expanded from a focus on origin countries to include the destination countries as well. The ‘development community’ was criticized for focusing on remittances and ignoring the destination countries’ role, which has made the lives of migrants difficult and more precarious. It was stressed that the rights of migrants are the responsibility of communities of origin and destination. There was some enthusiasm for co-development (the synchronization of migration policies of the destination county with the development policy of countries of origin that includes the participation of migrants.) But it was emphasized that migrants need to participate in the planning of these policies; their participation should not be limited to only implementation. A participant warned that co-development can’t be expected to solve the problem of the instrumentalization of migrants as it doesn’t necessarily care about their personal experiences.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Interesting, maybe I should buy another phone first, mmm.

Writer reading you bedtime stories

Interesting story, this writer has started the service to read bedtime stories to people who pay him. Read it in some newspaper the other day, rather creative and innovative use of the internet. And very tempting it seems. He seems to be invited by a lot of young beautiful women.


For the twelfth year, the Pop!Tech Conference will again convene a network of 600 remarkable thinkers, doers, leaders and global change agents in science, technology, social innovation, business, environmentalism, globalization, media, education, and many other fields for a four-day exploration of ideas shaping the future.

This year, we will pay particular attention to the 21st century dynamics between systems based on scarcity and those based on abundance, in areas ranging from digital social networks to environmentalism, from biology to business, from peacemaking to politics. We’ll chart the core scarcities that humanity will face in this century, and how a wealth of new innovations, new bottom-up approaches to collaboration, and new insights into collective wisdom might hold the key to addressing them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

migration and development

I am curious if those involved in the organizing of conference related to migration and development have seen this conference.

Bill Evans

Verdonk wil eerlijkheid over kosten generaal pardon

Als Verdonk eerlijkheid wil, dan moet ze ook alle proceskosten meerekenen van mensen die hier toch gaan blijven. Al die rechters, advocaten. Als Verdonk het pardon vier jaar eerder had ingevoerd had ze enorm veel geld bespaard.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My grandfather's watch

Connecting worlds at PicNic08

In Amsterdam PicNic08 there will be "A presentation and an update on vibrant and fast-moving technological and creative developments in cities across Africa, from mobile banking to new communication patterns." Especially Ethan Zuckerman presentation, probably on amplifying the voice from developing world interests me, allthough I approach this subject from a specific angle: the impact of migrants on democratic development both at home and abroad.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Democracy assistance in Congo

blog about democracy assistancewhich has links to several US website that give information on democracy assistance grants programs. Most programs focus on civil-society, that's because the consensus in Europe and the US is that democracy is promoted by building civil-society. I don't think that is necessarily true.

sorry, I love Jazz

No peace in eastern Congo

Thursday, September 11, 2008

integrating micro-blogging and facebook

microblogging is getting a lot of traffic which would go to forums and postings on blogs before, this site tries to combine both.

Burundi's 9 or 10 twintowers attacks every week

Robert Krueger on what happened in Burundi and nobody paid any attention!!! The genocide didn't end when Kagame came to power, but Kagame continued the genocide.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jay Rosen

good article on innovation in journalism on the afro puffs blog. The interview with Jay Rosen on this weblog called "Open source journalism" is interesting too.

Ushahidi: innovation in journalism

Ushahidi, which means “testimony” in Swahili, building a platform that crowdsources crisis information. Allowing anyone to submit crisis information through text messaging using a mobile phone, email or web form.

Ushahidi technicians are heading for Orland to receive the Knight-Batten award for Innovations in journalism.

A handful of Kenyan techies launched a site for bloggers and citizen journalists to report, document and map incidents of political violence following an apparently stolen presidential election. Eventually 130 people uploaded incident reports. The site modeled grassroots information-sharing in a time of crisis and censorship.

From the Judges: "This site is a perfect example of just how far-reaching and important citizen journalism can be."

rom 24 to 26 September 2008, thousands of creative minds from all over the world will come together in Amsterdam for the third PICNIC: Ushahidi will be there.

Friday, September 5, 2008

therer were no WMD in IraQ

President is Liar

Rasmussen dope for Mccain?

It seems like the whole globe is either looking for either rasmussen daily tracking poll, rasmussen report, presidential polls. The future will tell if Mccain will just have had an artificial convention dope, just like Rasmussen had in the tour. And that his supporters at the convention were a lot like the mexican musicians in this funny video. Or that he wooed Americans into believing he is somehow different from Georg W. Bush. Dutch reporters seem very reluctant to give Obama any chance. I guess it's because of the political climate in the Netherlands.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vivre à Lubumbashi

If you want to live in Lubumbashi

convention bump

Today will be all about the RNC in St Paul's. John Mccain will have all his republican friends line up. People like fred thompson, joe lieberman, nancy reagan, bridget mccain , probably even John mccain's children will heap praise on this presidential candidate. All ths will lead to a lot of web traffic concerning John Mccain, but what will it teach us?

Sarah Palin is a good looking grandmother? How old is cindy mccain? The mc convention has survived hurricane Gustav and Hannah. Levi Johnston has created a name for himself.

dreams and creativity

I read the histories by Herodote and it struck me how important the role of dreams is in this book. Recently I discovered at a business course the importance of creativity.

Is dreaming a form of creativity? There are lots of resources on dreaming on the net. It's one of the possible resources for business.

google browser chrome download

google chrome, the new browser has all kinds of new gadgets. First thing I am curious about is the advantage for the blogging and twittering user. Anybody can download it. They even had a pressconference about it.

A feature called “Incognito” that hides all browsing history in a given window.

Downloading has become more efficient with a little bar at the bottom.

You can open multiple tabs, that take less time to load.

Opening and trying it now.

It seems faster then firefox at first. I like the tabs

Monday, September 1, 2008

The failure of twitter: shegeeks explains

How to grow your blog

photos from georgie war

Riots at RNC 08

Nearly 300 arrested in St Paul's. As you follow the link, you can see all the pictures taken on the scene by one of the antiwar demonstrator.

Van Bekkum en het CDA

,,Nog altijd nemen velen mantelzorg op zich. Veel verdienende jongeren zijn bereid zich voor gehandicapten in te zetten. Gezinnen kiezen ervoor veel tijd vrij te maken voor jonge kinderen. De Winkeltijdenwet is een minder groot succes dat gehoopt, omdat velen de stad op zondag links laten liggen. En de kerk geldt voor zeer velen nog altijd als een moreel anker en een belangrijke bron voor levensbeschouwing.'' Als het CDA erin slaagt een heldere christelijke visie te ontwikkelen, heeft het volgens Van Bekkum ,,electoraal goud in handen''.

Is dit werkelijk een heldere visie? En wat is hier het christelijke?

A lot of rioting at R conventioin St Pauls

Can anybody take me to Cantalope Island?

I miss it sooo much, pray I will get there some day.

Bristol Palin pregnant

It seems the most important story of the moment according to what people are looking for on the net.

Gustav: The power of social media LIVE

I'm going to follow her blog, I like her heuristics.