Saturday, August 30, 2008

Outsourcing democracy and co-creation

Political parties should start tapping into foreign talent.

Several critical factors in order to achieve this.

1)Social networks and other communication tools
To successfully execute within international regions, political parties should start using social networks and other communication tools to engage off-shore talent


"Today’s technically savvy generations expect to be included in co-creation processes, often through collaborative communication tools. These co-creation processes are internal, enhance customer experiences, and influence partnering engagements."

"for social engagement across the organization to use these communication tools. Processes must eliminate ethnic, religious and cultural barriers to co-creation."

4)Micro-roles are increasingly prevalent.
bottom up development and participation is essential: micro-contributors, micro-consumers, microbloggers, anyone can participate.

Social media has turned the business upside down, it will do the same thing to political participation within a global context.

The question that a political party should ask itself is: "what's in it for me?"
It’s the end result of an engaged community that matters. To start brainstorming on the benefits for representative bodies in politics:

• Increased pollnumbers
• Enhanced, viral brand reputation
• Feedback on viewpoints
• Better representation
• True understanding of citizens pain points and needs

This is just a quick try, do you have an idea on how outsourcing democracy can help democratic development both at home and abroad?

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