Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obstructing fundamental right of free movement

All of Denmark’s requirements for family reunions are voided according to several European Court of Justice (Luxembourg) rulings.
* Spouse or children, who wants to be united, should previously have had permanent stay in another EU country. This requirement is voided after the ECJ ruling in the Metock case.
* The Danish citizen should previously have had work or be self-employed during the stay in another EU country. This requirement is now limited to a few weeks of work [In some interpretations being actively job-seeking for a couple of weeks is sufficient. — ed.]
* The Danish citizen should be self-sufficient, when returning to Denmark. This requirement was voided by the ECJ Eind ruling in December 2007.
* The EU rules alse allows family reunions regardless of the Danish restrictions such as the 24-year requirement , association requirement, hosing requirements, special self-sufficiency requirements, demands of Banker’s guarantees and the
so-called cousin-rules.

Reading an informative post reminds me again what conservatives think of immigrants

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