Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kigali poor neighboorhood bulldozered

The blog about this issue is written by Robert Neuwirth, a writer who spent two years living in squatter communities in four continents.

On his blogs, he has three he writes: "These neighborhoods--which dominate most of the cities of the developing world--are vibrant and energetic, but horribly misunderstood. My book, Shadow Cities, is an attempt to humanize these maligned settlements. I'm now at work on a new book about the global reach of the informal economy and I'll soon be starting a new blog featuring news and views of the quasi-legal world. My articles on cities, politics, and economic issues have appeared in many publications, including The Nation, The Village Voice, Newsday, The New York Times, Metropolis, and City Limits. Before becoming a reporter, I worked as a community organizer and studied philosophy. I live in New York City."

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