Sunday, August 10, 2008

H. Strizek on Germany's approach of dictator Kagame

"At the end of 1996, the German government did not protest against the internationally illegal attack on refugee camps of Hutus, who had fled to East Congo following Kagame's victory. Shortly before the outbreak of the Congo war, there had been preparations to escort the refugees home to Rwanda, under NATO protection. But this was exactly what Kagame and his allies in the United States did not want. Therefore they spread the hoax, that nearly all refugees had already returned to Rwanda. Uschi Eid, a parliamentarian of the opposition, played a peculiar role. After a brief visit to Rwanda, she confirmed the "return" thesis, although she certainly could not estimate how many Hutus had actually returned. Thereafter the German government also took up this thesis, pleading for aborting the preparations for the NATO deployment. Only afterwards could the refugee camps in East Congo be attacked - allegedly by anti-Mobutu-rebels under Laurent Kabila's leadership - the Hutu refugees were driven westward into the Congo forests and slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands. This is not even disputed by the United Nations."

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