Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rwanda's Kagame says ICC targeting poor, African countries

I wrote the other day "when is Kagame coming to the Hague", and we can read here that he is feeling the danger approaching slowly. Just as one famous congolese singer, Koffi Olomide sang: "truth comes by the stairs, lies come with the elevator". The day for Kagame is approaching every second that passes.

But Paul Kagame likes to play on different tables at the same time. Roger Winter, the American who loves revolutionary movements came with Kagame when he was fighting his guerilla war before the two presidents of Burundi and Rwanda had been shot down by Kagame. This Roger Winter is now working with rebels in Sudan. He likes to use the genocide-argument against a government of a sovereign state to justify sending arms to those rebels.

Paul Kagame now has to stay friends with both sides, and he is good at that. The only question is, how long can Kagame play this double game. He also uses different language when he speaks in Kinirwanda. To look good in the eyes of western world he placed a lot of women in his "parliament", he subsidized football to make sure people think he is a modern african leader. But all those things have nothing to do with democratic development.

The murder of refugees in the Congo, of which there are soo many witnesses, won't go away wishing they would. It is still there, it won't go away, just as the history of slavery can't go away from the Netherlands, by wishing.

But Kagame as a person isn't really the problem, it's more the stupidity of people that keep some idealistic dream about "innocent Kagame" alive that I find particularly repulsive.

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