Monday, July 14, 2008

Bashir and genocide

Omar al Bashir's situation isn't very enviable in Africa. An easy target for those that are against terrorists and dictators. Especially with the situation in Darfur.

What I myself find especially intriguing is the fact that Paul Kagame provided 1/3 of the troops in Darfur.

That was not because he cared soo much about the people in Darfur. The main objective of those troops is to keep in good relation with the US and to put emphasis on the fact that he is against Genocide. The same reason he went to Israel recently.

He wants to emphasize that he is a modern african leader. That's also the reason he critisized Mugabe recently.

The problem with this man is that the math doesn't add up. His troops invaded Congo and killed soo many people. He killed opposition members in Nairobi and "won" an election with 95 percent of the votes.

This man should be brought to trial for the crimes he committed. I hope people in the west start to look at his record.

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