Sunday, July 13, 2008

Africans too have a choice to make

At a I found this quote, posted yesterday:

“I think the West does some injustice to us. They don’t want us to be ourselves, to develop into partners, into people who also have sense, values, and culture to live by. … Even in politics, we are never meant to graduate from being pupils of democracy or governance. We are always people to be brought up, educated, told what to do, be consumers of ideas and practices that come from the West. There is no point at which you graduate.” -- Paul Kagame

This is a pure populist quote, something Mugabe could have said. A real democrat doesn't look for outside enemies to define his democratic resolve. Democracy and democratisation are not approached the same way by all political parties in the West at all. There are different approaches. Some work better then others. But to say that yous don't have to make a clear choice is hiding from reality.

But Kagame does not have a clear path ahead of him. His only goal is to stay in power and to hide from the truth. I call that in dutch a "hypotheque" on the future.

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