Sunday, June 29, 2008

Heart of Darkness

Nice website, if you follow the link you will be right on the Congo river. Interesting travel organisation.

Mbeki proposed to arrange a meeting between Tswangirai and Mugabe. Made me think of the meeting Mandela set up with Mobutu and Kabila. It's understandable in that case that Mugabe would refuse such an offer from Thabo Mbeki.

Mobutu thought Mandela was a friend, but he was in fact ushering him to the exit. Mobutu was haited by most of the heads of states of the countries surrounding Congo because he had been an American allie most of the time, while they were fighting the Apartheid government.

It's therefore logical probably that you see a Kenyan minister attacking Mugabe the most vocally, because his position is similar to that of Tsvangirai. He has a different relation with the west.

Would be interesting to see what Museveni is going to say about this. He needs to stay good friends with his American friends.

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