Saturday, May 10, 2008

mobilization and participation of migrant groups in political processes

Research cluster B3 Migration and citizenship: legal status, mobilisation and political participation

Research in this cluster focuses on processes of legal and political integration. The three main areas of concern are the legal status and attached bundles of rights for foreign nationals, access to and loss of nationality as a consequence of migration, and the mobilization and participation of migrant groups in political processes both in receiving and sending states. Within these areas the cluster addressed the following topics in its first work package:

1) general theories and research perspectives on citizenship and migration,
2) comparative analyses of legal status of foreign nationals and acquisition and loss of nationality,
3) the emerging European citizenship regime, and
4) migrants’ political participation and representation.

Based on the gaps identified in the state of the art report and the expertise available in the cluster, the members of cluster B3 proceeded to work in three separate research streams in the second work package. These focused on:

1) The social capital approach in studying political participation
This research stream dealt with the relation between social capital embedded in immigrant communities and the political integration of immigrants.

2) Migrant political transnationalism
This stream examined political transnationalism linking migrant groups to countries of origin and compared American and European perspectives in this field.

3) Citizenship policies in the new EU member states
Drawing on the results of the EU project NATAC that dealt with nationality regulations in the 15 old EU Member States, this research stream intended to produce country reports for the 10 new Member States and Turkey.

The main task of the third work package is to bring together all of these themes and to prepare the ground for joint research activities and applications for funding.

IMISCOE is a European Commission-funded Network of Excellence within the Sixth Framework

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