Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Balkenende en Europa

For a prime minister that allways says that he knows what Europe is about I allways find it very disappointing that the dutch immigration services still don't understand the implications of the European treaty for their work. Dutch judges have been influences by this crap too. They don't understand the fact that this treaty has far reaching implications and objectives. Disdain and disregard of Article 8 of the European Treaty of fundamental rights and liberties is daily practice for this service. And all dutch courts try to limit the impact of this treaty. Mostly because they believe immigrants have less rights then cultural dutch citizens. I didn't know we had flintstones as judges. And Balkenende as champion of the European idea is the most ridiculous myth I ever heard.

The only objective dutch immigration services seem to have these last ten years is to get people to leave the country, treat family members of immigrants at the embassies in their countries of origin as dogs.

All that we have here due to the fact Jan Peter Balkenende started to govern with his judeo-christian politics, which in fact is just a (not so veiled) way to say muslims aren't welcome in this country.

In my view this political view on judeo-christian "normen en waarden" is at odds with antirevolutionary principles. Antirevolutionary basics allways stayed far away from cultural definitions. Being antirevolutionary has allways been a way to define citizenship in a more consistent and not intuitive way.

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