Saturday, November 24, 2007

Internationale Migrantendag

On the fifht of december we will join a workshop of the radio 1812 project in Brussels.

Two of the participants of last year's project from the Radio stations and Migrant Groups will explain how they work and how and why they found the project interesting, they will be Francesco Diasio (Amisnet - Italy) and Adla Shashati (Greek Forum of Migrants). There will be also another session of the current project with Jan Hoozee from Urgent Radio in Gent and also Donn Flynn (Migrants Rights etwork) and also a session with plenty of participation from the audience.

Also two speakers from an EU network dealing with migrant issues (based in Brussels) will speak on undocumented children and their situation in Europe and the EU Blue Card initiative. There will be a round of questions and answers to the speakers that work on lobby and advocacy organisations on the question of migration in Europe. The invited networks are PICUM (Platform on International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants) and Caritas (tbc).

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